Tutorial: Modelling the lips and mouth in 3D by Jorge Sanchez

Posted by: Keyer in Tutorial on 31st March 2014

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make human lips. The reasoning for making it is that I have noticed a lot of people are having trouble making lips. They have a very complex form; both the upper and lower lip feature very complex curves that bend on the 3 axis. This causes another issue that makes modelling lips harder; the skin and the lips meet and intertwine in a very complex way thus making it very difficult to model the end of one and the beginning of the other. This might be an issue when making a very high detailed model (when you use ZBrush or Mudbox) and you end up adding details to the wrong part.

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Tutorial: Making an eye in 3D by Jorge Sanchez

Posted by: Keyer in Tutorial on 20th January 2014

This is a different modelling tutorial than what you see on a regular basis. It is focused on my observations of the eye and in a topology that lets you make an eye that needs modest geometry but still allows to be effectively rigged and gives you an eye to which you can give a lot of expression thus it can make your model less of a geometry construction and more art. It is not about learning complex modelling techniques but to make an eye. This tutorial is software independent but you do need some basic skills so you do not get lost in you 3d app.

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