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Posted by: Keyer on 8th October 2013


Whether you are editing, match-moving, compositing or grading, you should always set up your project properly before you start (especially as some software doesn't allow you to begin before this setup is completed). The set-up is a crucial part of any editing process. So... this is the setting for this project.

Many interesting things have happened in the last couple of months. Adobe After Effects CC now comes with a 'Lite' version of Cinema 4D. The Foundry is going to release Nuke 8.0. Autodesk Flame Premium 2014 is out. Blackmagic made a 4K Production Camera. Cinefex has gained interest on Kickstarter and last but not least, the long awaited new Mac Pro has been announced.

This is all great stuff; but what also happened was Rhythm & Hues declared bankruptcy even though they had just won an Oscar with the critically acclaimed Life of Pi. A demonstration to raise awareness for Visual Effects Professionals has taken place and an open letter has been sent to the DGA. Some visual effects artists were not paid on time(I hope they have now) and sadly, the same goes for many others.

All these things made me think that visual effects artists are not getting the recognition they so deserve. Therefore, I hope this web site serves as a platform for vfx professionals and enthusiasts to share their awesomeness. Here you can talk about how you approach a project, how you would clean up a shot, pull a key or light a scene. This is your opportunity to share it with the world. A lot of people think chroma key is a one click process; these people haven't seen that the green screen is actually the size of a handkerchief and sometimes you can call that colour racing green. They don't see what you did because they are looking at the perfect clean plate that took you hours to do. Why not show them all these great stuff you've done?

A huge amount of work goes into completing these projects. Are you one of those awesome people? Share your awesomeness. Do you know an awesome person? Let us know.


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